We want to tell you a true story, the story of two immigrants like you, Miriam and Carlos.

Carlos, after having worked for many years as a Consultant in Restructuring and Business Development, landed in the US with his wife and son. Miriam arrived with her husband, leaving her business of manufacturing and selling boxes, her family, and her friends. 

In 2009 Carlos opened his accounting and tax service office in Miami. Carlos’ experience quickly made him realize that there was a great need for help in the Latino business community in Miami.

Carlos was sought out by clients for his advice and knowledge, but his experience was not adapted to the obligations and demands of the US tax system. Carlos went back to look for a fast, practical and accessible study center.

Unfortunately, all he found were schools in the English language and this forced him to grind his neurons twice more because he had to understand and transform the new knowledge into his language and then into Spanish. But that was just one more challenge. Starting at the grassroots, she studied how to process tax returns by passing the RTRP exam in 2009 and 5 years later she passed the long-awaited triple Enrolled Agent exam. All of this allowed her to adapt all of his business experience and knowledge to US tax law. His vision of the world around him changed, the errors, the misinterpretations derived from bad knowledge and bad faith, were becoming clearer.

Life is full of challenges if we know how to look and listen… In 2017 another change in Carlos’ life was going to destabilize his tranquility. An unexpected divorce left him alone in this country… Far from thinking negatively about his age or the situation, he listened and observed the rumors and sayings around him and accepted new challenges. The situation of the clients who came to the office were mostly immigrants. Carlos is a person who, every time he attended a client, took pains to give him all the detailed information and advised on how he should proceed while in this country, since as immigrants they knew little about how the American system was handled at the level of taxes, among other things. That’s how it all started…

Miriam, on the other hand, arrived in the United States in 2017, like many immigrants, not knowing what to do, disoriented and letting herself be led by family and friends about what kind of work to do in order to support herself and help her family in Venezuela, she began to work as an uber driver, during the first year from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday, during that time she met Carlos Catarino, who became her Accountant and Tax Preparer, Miriam comments : As soon as I met him I felt a lot of confidence in him since he is a very intelligent person, with a lot of experience.

Miriam When Miriam saw that Carlos had a Gift, that Gift of helping people to do things well and that apart from that he enjoyed it, but the nicest thing of all is that when it came to charging what Carlos received, it was very little in comparison to all the time and dedication in each person, but that did not matter to Carlos, since deep down the only thing he felt was joy at seeing that he could do his bit with that Immigrant who came looking for answers or help.

Seeing this vocation of Carlos, does Miriam tell Carlos why you don’t teach Tax classes? Are you an intelligent person, with a lot of experience and are you an EA and CAA before the IRS, apart from that you love to explain and you do not care about the time that passes, because you do not share your knowledge and experience with other people who can do the same as you?

And Carlos (after several attempts by Miriam to convince him to give classes), finally agreed and shortly after Kta Institute was born, we started with our first class, face-to-face, before the Pandemic, October 2019, with 7 students, then we increased the number of students and we began to think that we should do something better, something that would reach more people and we decided to do the classes online.

As time passed we met more people in the courses, we felt more complete, useful, happy, and professors in other Areas who also identified with the Institute’s Objective joined the Institute, and who help us to continue in this Way, we want to Educate the Immigrant so that he can exercise a Profession that allows him to work, live and pay his Taxes, but we also want to educate him so that he Integrates into the Culture of this wonderful country, respecting its laws, culture, feeling like an American Citizen more.

This country is wonderful, we have a lot to learn, but also a lot to contribute, you can be a Successful Independent Professional, but you can also be a good Citizen and this has become a passion and an Obsession for Carlos and Miriam and we said it is necessary that Kta Institute becomes a true help to the immigrant, to help him fully integrate into the North American System in a successful manner.

Tell us your story of overcoming in this country…